Wine, Beer, and Everything in Between

Wine, Beer, and Everything in Between

Planning A Party? Here Is What You Need For Liquor

Layla Kennedy

If you are planning to host a party, special occasion, or another event, you need to know how much, if any, liquor to have on hand. So, how do you compute the right amount of spirits, beer, and wine without overbuying or running short during the festivities? Here are some tips and tricks to help you figure it out, without a lot of waste or worry.  

Create a Signature Drink

For an easy way to estimate the number of drinks per guest, offer one or two signature drinks instead of a full or open bar. This will make it easier to shop for spirits and alcohol, instead of trying to guess what your guests will want to drink. Offer beer and/or wine, and bottled water, which helps hydrate guests and keep costs down, in addition to your signature cocktails. Offer a non-alcoholic variation of these options, otherwise known as a 'mocktail' version.  

Use a Cocktail Calculator

Regardless of what you serve, there are some simple rules of thumb for how many drinks your guests will want during a party. Naturally, there are factors that can influence this including if the party is outdoors, the weather, and what kind of food you are serving.  

Some guidelines for a two-hour event include these estimates: 

  • One bottle of wine for every two people 
  • Three mixed drinks or mocktails per person 
  • Three beers per person 
  • One liter of water for every three people

Remember that this is just a guide. Guests typically consume more beverages when it is hot or when they nosh on spicy or salty snacks. 

Limit the Offerings and Options

Another approach that makes it easier to compute the amount of alcohol you will need is to limit the offerings. That is, serve just wine and beer. Make sure to offer plenty of non-alcoholic options, like bottled water, fruit juices, and soft drinks.  

Prevent Wasted Beverages

Another way to manage the drinks per guest is to try and curb waste. One way to do this is to provide guests with tags or charms on their glasses or cups so that they can easily identify their drink when they set it down. By not misplacing or wasting drinks, you can more accurately estimate the amount of liquor needed for your party guests.  

Use these tips to more accurately estimate how much liquor you need for your party. Find out if your favorite liquor store or vendor will allow you to return unopened products after your event. This allows you to be less concerned about buying too much liquor, so shop accordingly. Whether you choose to offer an open bar or a signature drink and 'mocktails', these suggestions can help you prevent waste, overspending, and other situations at your event. 

Reach out to a local alcoholic beverage store to learn more. 


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