Wine, Beer, and Everything in Between

Wine, Beer, and Everything in Between

Discount Wine Gift Ideas

Layla Kennedy

When giving a gift, it's the thought, not the amount of money you spent, that counts. If you're on a tight gift-giving budget, consider giving a friend or loved one a bottle of wine from a discount retailer. You can still find a high-quality bottle or two without breaking your wallet.  

If the celebrant loves wine, you can't go wrong with a basic, popular bottle of red or white, or stick to his or her favorite type if you know it. You can find less expensive bottles at a discount alcoholic beverage retailer, or even on sale at your regular market. The bottles are available for purchase online as well. 

A bottle of wine makes an ideal gift for many different types of special events, including birthdays, holidays, bridal showers, and romantic occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day. You can present the wine as is, or create a one-of-a-kind gift by including other complementing items. Wine-themed gifts are easy to find both in-store and online.

Following are some wine-inspired gift ideas to get you started:

1. Wine-Themed Basket 

Since you're spending less on the actual bottles of wine, you may be able to splurge a little on a few other items. Start by choosing a wicker basket that the recipient can reuse for other things, and then include a bottle or two of red or white wine.

You can customize the themed items according to the celebrant's hobbies and interests, such as a cookbook featuring wine-related recipes, a water bottle with a whimsical quote about wine if they love to work out, or wine-colored nail polish and grape-scented soaps. 

2. Picnic Basket

A picnic basket makes the perfect gift for couples, or for those born during the warm spring and summer months. Fill a high-quality wicker picnic basket with a bottle of discount wine, and add in snacks such as crackers, chips, shelf-stable cheese, and cured meats such as salami and summer sausage. Round out the food items with dark chocolate truffles, caramels, homemade brownies, or cookies.

Be sure to include a plastic tablecloth and utensils, such as a knife and cheese slicer, for serving. To save money, look for a basket that already includes these items, as possible a set of plastic plates as well. 

3. Wine for Two 

Another romance-inspired wine gift is a bottle of a red or white vintage, wine glasses, and a candle. You can have the glasses etched with specific names, dates, or quotes in your budget allow. 

For more wine ideas, be sure to visit a discount wine retailer. 


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