Wine, Beer, and Everything in Between

Wine, Beer, and Everything in Between

Liquor License Assistance: Pro Restauranteur Tips

Layla Kennedy

If you're hoping to invest your time and money in a new restaurant, your margins might just depend on your ability to sell alcoholic beverages.

Here are some pro restaurant tips to give you a little liquor license assistance.

The Application

The liquor license process can be both time-intensive and intimidating. Failing to properly complete your liquor license can lead to costly delays, forcing you to navigate a bureaucratic gauntlet.

  • Liquor License Assistance: if you have never filed for a liquor license and/or filed for a liquor license in the state where you're opening your restaurant, seeking professional liquor license assistance can be well worth the time and money. When you work with a liquor license assistance expert, it's critical to have all your paperwork organized. This should include your sales tax information, business number, lease agreement, and building code information. If you don't have this information, a liquor license assistance professional won't be able to help you complete your application.
  • Vendor Information: reaching out to the vendor(s) you intend to use to purchase alcohol for your restaurant can also be helpful. Because these vendors have a vested interest in making sure that your liquor license is approved, they will sometimes offer free advice and other helpful tips.

Renewals and Inspections

Even after you obtain your liquor license, you will need to renew your license and pass inspections. Forgetting to renew your license in time or failing an inspection can lead to costly penalties and fines.

  • Renewals: although you might think that renewing your liquor license would be as simple as mailing in a check and waiting for your new license to arrive in the mail, the renewal process can be tricky. For instance, when you renew your license you must also include your most recent tax information to confirm that you've paid all of the applicable taxes related to your alcohol sales. If you don't include your tax information, your renewal can be denied and/or you can face fines for failing to pay alcohol taxes.
  • Inspections: you can expect at least one random inspection of your establishment during the calendar year. These inspections will confirm that you are carding patrons who order alcohol, only adult employees are serving the alcohol, and that you're following other state-mandated alcohol rules. If you fail one of these inspections you can face fines and a temporary suspension of your liquor license. Liquor license assistance professionals can help you train your staff to make sure that you never fail an inspection.

For more information, contact a professional such as Alcoholic Beverage License Service.


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