Wine, Beer, and Everything in Between

Wine, Beer, and Everything in Between

Why Should You Serve Pale Ale Beer In Your Bar?

Layla Kennedy

Owning a bar means you have to have a nice variety of alcoholic beverages for your patrons to enjoy. You want a few of the common names your patrons like so you can make mixed drinks, along with house varieties so you can meet all the price points of your customers.

While lots of people go to the bar to enjoy a stronger drink, this isn't always the case. Some people just want to relax with a mild alcoholic drink that is easy on the tongue and gives them the comfortable buzz alcohol is known for. For this reason, putting a pale ale beer in your inventory has more benefits than just diversifying what you offer. Here are reasons why you should consider serving pale ale beer in your bar.

You offer something anyone can drink

Anyone who goes into your bar looking for alcohol can enjoy a pale ale beer. Easily identifiable, often something people have already had, and something that can be a quick purchase for an individual who doesn't know what they want, pale ale beer is a wise addition to any inventory in a bar.

You can place an order for a variety of brands and styles of pale ale beer. Since there are several types of pale ales out there, including India pale ales, you can incorporate this popular and common style of beer into your bar with ease. Research the more popular pale ales in your area or country and incorporate some exotic brands and styles as well.

You offer a trending beer and support small brewery businesses

To mostly appeal to the patrons who drink light beers or who enjoy trying beer from the smaller beer establishments, incorporate pale ale beer into your bar. You can look around at your local breweries to see who has pale ale beer in varying styles and flavors for you to try. You can contract with these smaller breweries to have a pale ale beer made exclusively for your bar to sell or you can simply have these beers on hand so your patrons can know you support the breweries they love, too. Make sure to follow all laws and guidelines for your liquor license when bringing new beer to your establishment.

Pale ale beer is known for its lighter, more fruity flavor and its lighter alcohol content, making it an ideal beer for your patrons who want something to drink but don't want to get drunk. If you sell bar snacks and food at your bar, pale ale beer is the perfect complement to the menu as well.


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